DIY Online Divorces – Do I really need a solicitor?

24th Jun 2019

Do-It-Yourself online divorces are becoming more accessible and increasingly popular amongst the general public and appear to be a great way of saving a few quid by not instructing a solicitor. However, we would advise caution and not to take everything at face value. Here, we explore why it is so important to seek professional advice as early in the process as possible. It could save you in the long run!

 A solicitor is there for you

The breakdown of a marriage and the divorce process can be one of the most emotionally difficult and stressful times you may ever experience in your life. As emotions run high, your ability to think clearly and make rational decisions could be severely impaired. At McHale & Co, we are completely independent and are on hand to support you through a difficult time. Being more distant from the emotion of the situation, we can provide open and honest advice to ensure you are making the best decisions for you, long term.

 Use their expertise

So, you and your partner are fully agreed on and happy with all matters. Perhaps you have no children, have only been married for a short period and have always kept your finances separate. In this case a DIY, online divorce may be perfectly adequate for your needs. However, we’re all aware separations are often far more complex than this and need careful and considered unpicking.

Our specialist family law solicitors at McHale & Co are fully trained and rigorously tested in their knowledge of the law, so we are in the very best place to advise you, having the expertise to identify things you may not have even considered. There isn’t much we haven’t seen, so will have direct knowledge of similar scenarios. Also, there is no getting away from the fact there can be a great deal of admin work involved in a divorce e.g. drafting statements, dealing with the court, collating financial information etc. Do you really need the hassle at this difficult time?

By seeking advice early on in proceedings, we are on hand to guide you through the process. We will use our expertise to advise you of your rights, what you are entitled to and use the law and our direct approach to ensure matters reach a swift and amicable conclusion.

Flexible solutions

The benefits of using a professional are clear to see and easy to understand, but for most it will come down to perceived costs and not being able to afford a solicitor to act for them.

At McHale & Co, we can offer flexible solutions to make our services as accessible as possible, such as a free initial meeting, fixed fee divorces and flexible payment options to suit everyone.

If you are considering progressing a divorce yourself, please do give Victoria Richardson or Lindsey Britland a call on 0161 928 3848 before doing so. This will ensure you are fully aware of all of the facts, potential impact and be armed with the advice needed at this crucial time. It could be the best call you ever make!

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